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News That Matters – Monday, November 1, 2010 – Pre-Election Roundup

First off, this: Not all politicians are liars and crooks and thieves and scoundrels and womenizers and menizers. Some are, believe it or not, actually interested and dedicated. But with all the noise being made by those for whom ‘knee-jerk’ is synonymous with ‘breathing’ it’s hard to hear the truth. So, will you folk just calm down and try to be just a little objective? Will you, please, start thinking for yourselves and accept that the talking heads on FOX are just that, talking heads? Research shows they have no clue, are mostly wrong and egocentric and miss the boat way more often than not. Thank you. […]

Brewster Mayor will sue Ball: Endorses Kaplowitz

After making his formal state, Mayor Schoenig, a Republican, asked the voters of the 40th Senate District to vote for Ball’s opponent, County Legislator Mike Kaplowitz. That appeal was greeted by another round of applause. Andrew Vitelli, the editor of The Putnam Examiner, said that Greg Ball had called on Mayor Schoenig to “step down”, and asked for Schoenig’s reaction The mayor laughed said he would not be stepping down, and again the crowd approved. […]

Ball Campaign Caught Lying – Again

The mailer contained inaccurate and misleading statements. The proposal to send sewage from Yorktown to the Peekskill plant, which had the capacity to safely accommodate it, was never implemented, (although Mr. Kaplowitz did favor it ), and Mr. Kaplowitz does not live in Yorktown, which is where the sewage would have originated. […]

News That Matters – Monday, October 25th, 2010 – The Election Roundup Edition

If the nation insists on sending our children overseas to fight and die to keep Exxon rich and the war profiteers providing campaign funds we should at least have the decency of providing for these children when they come home. For children they are. Twenty-Two year old’s should never see war and we owe them deeply for fucking up their lives. If you want to support the troops, why punish them and ignore them and shun them when they’ve done your bidding? […]

NYJN Endorses Kaplowitz

Can a leopard change its spots? That’s one of the questions voters have to consider when casting a ballot in the race for the 40th state Senate District, where two-term Assemblyman Greg Ball and Westchester Legislator Michael Kaplowitz are vying for the seat now held by Vincent Leibell, who is running for Putnam County executive.

Our recommendation goes to Kaplowitz, who has a track record of accomplishment and the temperament necessary to build consensus and work with others to achieve his goals. A Democrat who is also running on the Independence line, Kaplowitz is a financial planner and lawyer who knows his way around a budget. He served on the Westchester Board of Legislators for 12 years, many of them as the heady chairman of the budget committee. His power — but perhaps not his influence — was diminished after a very public break with since-deposed board Chairman Bill Ryan two years ago, mainly over board leadership.

via Our recommendation for the 40th state Senate District | LoHud.com | The Journal News.

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News That Matters – Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Assemblyman Greg Ball once said that I had a “radical homosexual agenda” because I was pressing him on the issue of civil rights and equality. Well, I’ve finally decided that on that issue at least, he was right. Here’s my radical agenda: “No state shall…deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” The Constitution! Pretty radical, eh? […]

News That Matters – Monday, October 18, 2010

The ‘baggers are a direct product of the national Republican party’s resistance to the Obama Administration and they’ve created one heck of a monster. But when will they either publicly shun the ‘baggers or at the very least, say they don’t represent the mainstream core of the party? Their silence on the national – and the local level – is truly troubling. It says they either support the hatred and violence or that for purposes of politics they’re willing to allow it go on. Either way, it must be stopped. […]

Why a Lifelong Republican is Not Voting for Greg Ball

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Dogs on the Ball

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Breaking News: Fair Campaign Committee Finds Greg Ball Guilty of Three Charges


14 North Chatsworth Avenue #3E, Larchmont, NY 10538

914-834-0615/ faircampaign@optonline.net


Oct. 15, 2010 Contact: Evelyn M. Stock, Chair


Findings in the Complaints of

Michael Kaplowitzs v. Greg Ball

Candidates for the New York State Senate, District 40

The Westchester County Fair Campaign Practices Committee met on October 14, 2010 to hear the complaints of Michael Kaplowitz, Democrat, against Greg Ball, Republican, candidates for the New York State Senate, 40th District. Mr. Kaplowitz was represented by Gary Friedman; Mr. Ball was represented by Daniel Branda and Jim Coleman.


In a recent mailer, Assemblyman Ball’s campaign stated that Mr. Kaplowitz “spent billions, needlessly, hiked taxes recklessly, and rubber stamped Andy Spano’s every move.”


It was not clear from the mailer how the term “spent billions” was arrived at, nor was it documented that funds were spent “needlessly.” The operating budget for 2010-2011 is approximately $1.8 billion. In addition, Kaplowitz voted against at least one of the budgets, and all of the others were reduced from what County […]