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News That Matters – Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Acting on advice from the law department County Executive Paul Eldridge vetoed the Legislature’s attempt to set term limits for future County Executives and Legislators. The Law department said the proposition was vague and confusing which is no surprise coming from the deparment who wrote the Tilly Foster contract that we’re still paying for. […]

News That Matters – Monday, October 18, 2010

The ‘baggers are a direct product of the national Republican party’s resistance to the Obama Administration and they’ve created one heck of a monster. But when will they either publicly shun the ‘baggers or at the very least, say they don’t represent the mainstream core of the party? Their silence on the national – and the local level – is truly troubling. It says they either support the hatred and violence or that for purposes of politics they’re willing to allow it go on. Either way, it must be stopped. […]

NtM – April 8, 2009

Last week a client of mine commented on the amount of trash found near the fire tower atop Mt. Nimham. This landed close to home especially after the year-long effort to save the mountain from a logging project was won a couple of years back and the mountain preserved in a natural state for all of us to enjoy. […]