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News That Matters – Friday, September 17, 2010 – Things To Do Edition

Let’s share the wealth a little bit here. Once you’ve read through this issue of News That Matters, pass it on to someone you know who does not get the newsletter. Where else can they get such straight-forward, non-opinionated* information about the county where the country begins? About planning and zoning, open space preservation, political and social justice issues along with the off list entertainment and events that go on about this place? That’s right… only here. Get your neighbors involved – and keep them informed! […]

News That Matters – May 3, 2010

A note to Mayor Bloomberg: Early yesterday morning you said, “Terrorists who want to take our freedoms away from us focus on the symbol of those freedoms, and that’s New York City.” Mr. Mayor, the only terrorists who can take away our freedoms are ourselves. Osama bin Laden didn’t shred the US Constitution or write the USA PATRIOT Act, we did that all on our own. In the future, please cut the hyperbole and stay focused. Thanks. […]

News That Matters – January 15, 2010 – Things To Do Edition

Lake Carmel is going to be listed as “Impaired” in the next DEC rating for waterbodies in the State of New York. It’s a sensitive subject with the folk in that community. As I found doing my work with the town’s Stormwater committee and even more difficult during the last campaign, the people in Lake Carmel look out across the water and think it’s all good and dandy. The Town says they’re spending all kinds of money on cleaning up the lake and point to riprap here and a gate valve at the dam there or the cost of filling the lake with carp that eat the algae that’s in there. In the end, it’s all cosmetic so I’ll say it here and take the heat: […]

News That Matters – July 24, 2009 – Things To Do Edition

Good Friday Morning,

The Town of Kent goes back to court this coming Monday morning after Judge O’Rourke decided last week to hold the town liable for Swine flu, bad breath and Celine Dion.

As many of you know I’ve engaged in a political quest of late and so far my impressions are this: It’s a silly, anti-democratic system designed to humiliate, intimidate and befuddle the voters so that a select few can get a boner over power and control of your lives.

If they were actually interested in good governance it would be one thing. If they were involved in graft and corruption it would be fine, too, as at least it would have a point. (Not a good point, but a point nonetheless.) Yet we allow these folk to control and sway our opinions because they’re practiced at the skill of political demagoguery. They don’t work for candidates as much as they work against them and they do so with remarkable success. You all know who these folk are in your town, every town has them, and I’ll bet you can even name them.

My advice? Well, shooting them would be illegal but it would free […]

NtM – February 18, 2009

Remember that our weekly “Things To Do” edition comes on Friday so if your group or organization has something planned for the weekend or early next week, please get those items in here. If you’ve already sent in your notices, I got them. […]

News That Matters – December 3, 2008

“They just can’t help themselves, can they? Call it “retention pay” or “cash bonuses” or some other euphemism — but the fact is that your tax dollars are going to reward people who are lucky to even have jobs.” – Jonathan Tasini

Good Wednesday Morning,

The Proposed Tilly Foster Contract

Wow. Talk about a sweetheart deal! Over the past few months, Kent resident George Whipple has been in discussion with County Executive Bondi over an idea Mr. W had regarding the management of the Tilly Foster Farm. Those discussions led to a draft contract, dated November of this year which would allow Mr. W to run the farm for 40 years. Sounds good, no? Here are some of the details of this sweetheart of sweetheart deals:

Disclaimer: No matter how much my mother wanted me to be one, I am not a lawyer nor have I ever played one on television, radio or stage. In fact, I probably know nothing about the law whatsoever and when it comes to legal things I’m probably just talking out my butt. Keep that in mind while we wend through the legal language of this contract. Any misunderstandings or mistakes are […]