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News That Matters – Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Corrections and Apologies: To the single Serbo-Croation living in Putnam County, I apologize publicly for not having made an ethnic joke about you but to be honest I can’t think of one. But if you’re willing to send one along I promise to work it into a future column the very next time I discuss using Å¡ljivovica as a massage lotion. […]

News That Matters – Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I’ve been covering stories on energy conservation for the past ten years and during the past two covering what little we were doing in Putnam County along those lines. There has been a commission, once headed by Vinnie Tamagna where nothing got done other than to play politics, and then by Tony Fusco where a great deal was accomplished, gathering the information the county would need in order to move forward with energy – and money-saving conservation practices and programs. However, the commission was never allowed to implement ideas nor even to see information allegedly gathered by the county on energy use. We were told the county had an energy audit performed but was forbidden from viewing that information. Why? […]

News That Matters – Friday, February 25, 2011 – Things To Do Edition

So, Arise ye workers from your slumber! Let’s get something going that’s going to bring us a brighter future of being secure in our homes, our jobs and our health. A future that sees community before person, the common welfare before corporate welfare and one we will be proud to hand to the next generation knowing we’ve done what we could to ensure their success and not the success of the Paul Camarda’s of the world. […]

News That Matters – Wednesday, February 9, 2011 – The “Pass This On” Edition

Before some right-wing CEO from Garrison snaps us up and the weekend Things To Do editions become lists of regional prayer breakfasts featuring Sarah Palin or Dick Cheney as their keynote speakers, if your organization is having an event that is actually of interest please send it to us ASAP in plain text format. Save the PDF and JPG files for your general email lists. […]

News That Matters – Monday, February 7, 2011

A very lucky 16 year-old from Kent is at the center of a brouhaha over his ongoing consensual sexual relationship with a 23 year old Brewster woman who has been charged with statutory rape. Being 16 he’s not legally capable of consenting to having sex even though his hormones certainly are. The woman should have waited until his 17th birthday when all-on-a-sudden the state determines he is old enough. It’s funny though, had this boy murdered or violently assaulted someone the law would say he was legally old enough to stand trial as an adult. […]

Just When You Thought Putnam’s County Government Couldn’t Top Itself:

In other words, Putnam County government is bereft of a single progressive idea nor do they have any desire whatsoever to make county government smaller, less intrusive in our lives and cut spending to make life more bearable for the 100,000 people who live here. In other, other words, they just don’t get it. […]

News That Matters – Friday, January 7, 2011 – Taxes, Rent and Things To Do Edition

What’s more, with all the foreclosures that have taken place during the past two years and with banks seeking to cut their loses by putting some of these places up for rent, the market is in a glut and yet landlords will not come down from what they’re asking or make accommodations to get someone in there and the income flowing in again. […]

Letter to Vinnie Tamagana from the Putnam County Democrats

All the more reason Jeff Green should be appointed as interim County Executive. I mean, come on! It’s a no-brainer! […]

Just When You Thought…. Redux

While banks are foreclosing on homes across the region, that $3.7 million could go a long way towards helping distressed homeowners and if the County Legislature wants to dole out the bucks they could at least help those folks. Or open a full time walk-in health and dental clinic. Or heck, even free the tank they’ve got in a cage at the county park. I mean, really… if the Legislature insists on spending that money on something other than the general fund, at least spend it in a way that would benefit the residents of this county and not a resident of Ridgefield, Connecticut. […]

News That Matters – June 9, 2010

I’m not sure which part of ‘In order to receive my approvals I’ll make the recommended improvements on my own dime,’ he does not understand. But it’s really pretty simple and straightforward. Keep in mind also, that Mr. T was the main force on the Legislature pushing for adoption of the Tilly Foster lease deal… and we know how good that turned out. […]