Earl's Chimney

This is an easy hike of just over a mile each way with a slow but steady climb to the summit.

This trail begins on Highland Road in Philipstown directly across from the Garrison Fish and Game club. For easy navigation always take the RIGHT fork on the way up - you can't go wrong this way.

Follow the trail upwards, as it gently climbs above a small gorge which is on your right and seek the remains of an old dam.

At the first fork bear right (always bear right!). The left fork heads off to Catfish Pond.

Our trail now passes through a beautiful wetland and climbs a slight hill wherein it meets another fork at a hemlock/pine glade. The left fork heads into the park and eventually comes out at Dennytown road. Stay right here.

The trail now descends through a wetland on your right with a dry hill on your left, then begins its climb up the ridge. You will soon reach another fork where you stay to the right. (the left fork heads down to the Osborn residence, and is private property.

The climb now is easy and quickly tops out along in a xeric landscape. It winds a bit here and there and woon there's a hint of a view through the forest before you. With another short upwards walk you'll come out onto the bare rock that signals the end of our hike.

Follow your steps for the return being careful to make the appropriate turns.










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"Certainly, one option should always be, what happens if we just let it alone and let it resort to its fully natural state? A forest left alone and allowed over time to become something approximating what was here before settlement is the best of all possible worlds." - Bob Irwin, Conservation Director, World Wildlife Fund
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